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How To Effective Verify India Cowin Vaccination Certificate?

Oct. 25, 2021

Global countries roll out vaccination certificate and require verifying it before people enter certain places, in response to the advocacy of the World Health Organization, which call for increasing vaccination coverage as quickly as possible to stop the transmission of the virus.

How To Effective Verify India Cowin Vaccination Certificate?cid=96

Desktop QR code scanner TPS508

What is vaccination certificate?


Vaccination certificate refers to a proof of personal vaccination. As there are different types of vaccines in the world and countries might have various vaccination demands, thus it is necessary to show whether you’re vaccinated and what kind of vaccine you take.


In India, the Cowin vaccination certificate is more popular. Whenever you take your first or second dose, you would get a vaccination certificate that contains details like vaccine name, vaccine date, location of vaccination, etc. And an exclusive QR code will be generated and able to store on the phone for convenient prove and check.


Why verify vaccination certificate is important?


To begin with, getting vaccination is recognized as the effective method to fight against the Covid virus. It is benefit to both vaccinated person and the society as it is good to reduce the risk of virus transmission. That’s the reason why The World Health Organization is strongly advocating global countries to increase the vaccination rate. People who got vaccinated will gain an exclusive vaccination certificate to prove his vaccinated condition and own the qualification to freely access to public places.


Most importantly, mandatory vaccination is fueling a black market for fake vaccination certification. A recent study found that fake COVID-19 vaccine certificates are being sold in black market in 29 countries around the world. It is not only irresponsible for personal life but also easily cause great danger to the public and the society. Thus, Verify the accuracy of the vaccination is important.

 How To Effective Verify India Cowin Vaccination Certificate?cid=96

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How to verify a vaccination certificate?


Living in a high-tech era, there is undoubtedly exists some leading technologies and smart certificate scanners to help people verify vaccination certificate no matter at anywhere and anytime. With the mission of creating a colorful future and aims to convenient people’s daily life through smart terminal, a high-tech company Telpo rolls out Cowin certificate scanner TPS508


In virtue of professional hard decoying and cutting-edge QR code scanning technology, the Cowin certificate scanner can quickly verify the vaccine certificate, along with multi-language voice broadcast, indicator light and screen display. The stable communication makes it able to synchronize data to the cloud platform for recording and follow-up tracking.


Step one: Place the paper or digital QR code in front of the Cowin certificate scanner

Step two: The Cowin certificate scanner will automatically scan and decode the QR code

Step three: The verification result (vaccine/test/recovery information) will be displayed on the screen along with voice broadcast and indicator light (red for no entry, green for safe entry)

 How To Effective Verify India Cowin Vaccination Certificate?cid=96

Health code authentication and verification process

The Advantage of digital vaccination certificate verification solution:

Simplify: What you need to do just scan and go. 

Security: Encryption mechanism ensures the safety of personal data and individual privacy.

Convenience: Automatic and contactless verification without manual checking and additional manpower input.  

Expandability: It can be used in every place that requires verifying vaccination certificates.


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