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 3D Face Recognition Machine


3D Face Recognition Machine

3D Face Recognition Machine

Product Description

Telpo TPS980Pro is a face recognition machine that captures 3D features of the face and is highly anti-counterfeiting. It's outfitted the infrared sensor and 3D-depth sensing camera. Therefore, Telpo TPS980Pro can detect the face portraits even in the dark.

In addition, Telpo provides a face recognition SDK for secondary development, making it easier for partners who are professional at face recognition algorithm and Face search APP design. Telpo's self-developed face recognition platform (Telpo Face ) is also available for partners who lack good enough development capabilities. Please contact us for details.


TPS980Pro has two types of options, one is a standing type and the other is wall-mounted, which may be selected according to actual needs. Both use the aluminum shell and the base, both gorgeous and solid.

3D Face Recognition Machine

3D Face Recognition Machine

Strong Performance

Equipped with Android 5.1 os or above, Quad-core 1.8Ghz,  Telpo TPS980Pro can accurately and efficiently run the complicated applications without waiting. 

Telpo TPS980Pro Support the RK3288 scheme and RK3399 scheme selection.

3D Face Recognition Machine

3D Face Recognition

Compared with 2D face recognition, 3D face recognition is accurate and efficient, and can quickly identify an individual. The TPS980Pro's 3D sensor camera has built-in sensors and a dot matrix projector that projects more than 30,000 points to accurately identify the user's face.

3D Face Recognition Machine

Live Detection

3D face recognition can recognize the distance of the face to judge the contour of the face, and detect the highly anti-counterfeiting, and judge and reject the intrusion of fake and shoddy, such as pictures and video streams.

3D Face Recognition Machine

Infrared Face Recognition

The infrared camera and the LED light ensures accurate capture and resolution of face information even in the darkness.

Infrared Sensor

The infrared sensor can sense the proximity of the human body and quickly punch the face recognition program to achieve hands-free touch control.

3D Face Recognition Machine

Multi-dimensional Verification

Face Scanner machine TPS980Pro provides multiple dimensions of ID acquisition and authentication. In addition to face verification, fingerprints and NFC readers can be optional. Multi-factor authentication ensures more accurate and secure identification.

3D Face Recognition Machine

Telpo Face

Telpo Face, a new and compelling standard web tools, can be developed rapidly and deployed at the terminals, beneficial for the partners who lack good enough development capabilities.

3D Face Recognition Machine


Access Control / Biometric Security / Employee Attendance Machine / School Attendance System / Time Card Machine

As Smart Facial Recognition system, TPS980Pro can be government biometric security control system, Employee Attendance Machine, School Attendance system, Time Card Machine, etc.

Telpo has the strong ability to independently design and development. We can accord with customers providing the more intelligent biometric terminals, such as voice recognition device, an iris scanner, fingerprint identification and so on. Welcome to consult us.


3D Face Recognition Machine

ProcessorDual-Core 1.8GHz + Quad-Core 1.5GHz



OSAndroid  7.1 or above
Display8",   TFT 1280*800
Keypad1   Reset key
SensorInfrared sensor
Front Camera

2M Pixel, support HDR

3D Depth Sensing Camera

Fill Light2   Fill lights
Contactless Card Reader(Optional)ISO14443 Type A/B, Mifare®, ISO18092 compliant
SIM   Slots1 SIM



Peripheral Ports1 DC Port, 1 RJ45, 1 micro USB,1 Door Lock,1 Wiegand,1 RS485
AudioDigital Audio Speaker, Microphone
Power Supply12V/2A
Dimensions272mm*135mm*30mm (without bracket)
Other(Optional)Mounting Bracket, Conversion Cable
MDM (Optional)Mobile Device Management


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