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Single Point Temperature Measurement, Faster and Safer

Apr. 11, 2020

At present, the COVID 19 pandemic has spread to more than 200 countries. Strengthen international cooperation in epidemic prevention has become an international consensus. The key to overcome the epidemic is to make accurate temperature measurement and early warning in public places and cut down the infection source in advance.


Telpo, as the Sci-Tech force in China anti-epidemic front line, has developed a single-point temperature measurement solution based on privacy and security considerations. It can provide a one-stop solution to achieve contactless temperature detection + personal privacy protection and application scenarios optimization.

Single Point Temperature Measurement, Faster and Safer

Telpo single-point temperature measurement solution

Solution Highlights

Single Point Temperature Measurement

It only tests a certain area point and little impacted by the environment, which is suitable for a large range of temperature measurement.

Privacy Protection

It merely measures wrist or palm temperature and not face information will be involved, which is conductive to protect personal privacy.

Rapid Response

It adopts temperature detection chip of international famous brands such as Heimann and Melexis, achieving sub-millisecond response speed and reduce interactive contact.  

High Cost Performance

It supports access control, attendance, temperature detection, real-time temperature display, data upload and management and so on functions, one-stop satisfy scenario requirement.  

Solution Introduction

In virtue of infrared thermal imaging principle and blackbody calibration technology, Telpo develops single point temperature measurement solution. Through measuring human skin temperature, it can effectively avoid personal information leakage. Contactless body temperature detection is effectively reduce cross infection risk and cut off infection route. Telpo single point temperature measurement solution can be optimized and upgraded according to scene requirements, which can divide into standard version and advanced version.


Standard Version

The standard version includes temperature measuring terminal, infrared thermal imaging algorithm and Telpo cloud platform. It supports temperature detection, temperature display, high temperature warning, voice broadcast, data unified management and other functions. It can detect people with high fever in advance by non-contact temperature measurement and privacy protection method. What’s more, it can use background data to check and monitor data, timely report abnormal situation and reduce management risk. Wall-mounted, desktop and stand-alone methods are allowed, making it convenient for different scenarios application.

Single Point Temperature Measurement, Faster and Safer

Advanced Version


The advanced version includes temperature measuring terminals, infrared thermal imaging algorithms, access control and attendance software and Telpo cloud platform. On the basis of the standard version of temperature measurement, it will add a variety of functions such as personnel access, authorization, inquiry, statistics and anti-theft alarm. It will assist personnel management and attendance management with contactless identity authentication (employee card). Employees can one-stop realize access control, attendance and temperature measurement. And foreign personnel will be banned to random in and out, which will improve security capability.

Single Point Temperature Measurement, Faster and Safer

 The advanced version includes temperature measuring, access control and Telpo cloud platform.

Application Scenes

Telpo single point temperature measurement solution with the advantages of contactless temperature measurement and privacy protection, is suitable for enterprises, parks, schools, communities, hospitals, buses and other public places with high privacy requirements.


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Company Introduction:Telpo is solidly located in smart terminal industry forefront as it sticks to technology-driven and market demand-oriented. With keen market insight, Telpo have developed smart payment, smart community, smart retail, smart restaurant, face recognition temperature measurement, government election and other scene applications to build "cloud + terminal" brand and complete solution.

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