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Builds an Interconnected World with Developers

Telpo Store

Builds an Interconnected World with Developers

Customers are looking for a plug-and-play App solution to run in the fierce market as quickly as possible and strive for more profit.

Builds an Interconnected World with Developers

Telpo Store is a smart open ecosystem, connecting software vendors, hardware vendors, channel vendors, distributors and even end-users. It also provides a market request area, to assist you to put your requirements into viable product solutions. Telpo Store offers you more business opportunities.

With 20 years of technical experience, Telpo provides a variety of smart terminals customization solutions to Omni-directionally satisfy the requirement of customers. Telpo has already exported 3 million+ smart terminals, serving 100+ countries and regions, and generating $60 million+ user value. Telpo has accumulated a large number of loyal customers, involving government, finance, retail, tax control, biometric security, education, medical, etc.


Telpo welcomes thought-provoking and capable software developers or development groups to join our Telpo Store to solve Apps problems for more customers.

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Telpo App Store is landing, which is the public app market:


1. As a software developer, you can add/upgrade the APPs to yours users or others. To some extent, it is a way to promote your Apps.;

2. As an operator/distributor/merchants can find the right application according to your needs;

3. The application should be compatible with Telpo model;

4. After the administrator has reviewed it, their app will be uploaded in the Telpo app store.

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