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Food Self-Ordering Kiosk Machine


Food Self-Ordering Kiosk Machine

It is reported that the self-service ordering terminal not only improves the efficiency and profit of the restaurant 

but also saves labor cost and time costs. 

Consumers are also accustomed to ordering food at kiosks. 

As a partner of Burger King, Telpo has launched a new self-service ordering kiosk K20.

Food Self-Ordering Kiosk Machine

Fast Food Restaurant e-Cashier 

Telpo TPS780 is an android-based self-ordering kiosk machine,

containing a bar-code scanner, touch-screen monitor, thermal printer and biometric recognition. 

It is a compact self-service solution for fast food restaurants, smart retail stores, 

unmanned stores, new concept supermarkets, etc.

Food Self-Ordering Kiosk Machine

Industrial Motherboard Design

adopts industrial-grade motherboard solution, onboard RK3399  chipset, 

its stable performance empowers a fast and smooth control experience.

Food Self-Ordering Kiosk Machine

27-inch FHD Touchable Screen

The 27-inch FHD screen enable present abundant contents and the adjustable display area 

make it convenient for all kinds of people to order by themselves.

Food Self-Ordering Kiosk Machine

High-speed Thermal Printer

The high-speed thermal printer reaches 150mm/s print speed, 500,000 cutter life, and 50KM print life.

Food Self-Ordering Kiosk Machine

Agile QR-Code Reader

Support reading QR-code in mobile phone/paper. WeChat pay and Alipay are allowed.

Food Self-Ordering Kiosk Machine

User-friendly Design

Making users comfortable to scan QR-code and face recognition.

3D Face Recognition

Equipped with a 3D face recognition camera, 

human faces can be precise verification and payment security will be greatly guaranteed.

Food Self-Ordering Kiosk Machine

Voice Recognition (Optional)

Combine AI voiceprint recognition to improve the interactive experience when ordering food.

Infrared Sensor (Optional)

 It can switch to the operation interface when customers are closing and advertisements will be displayed at a normal time.

Food Self-Ordering Kiosk Machine

Successful Cases

Telpo self-ordering kiosks serve in all major stores of Burger King.

In addition, TPS781 also applies for Retail Store, Supermarket, Restaurant chain, Multimedia Entertainment, Hotel, etc.



Touch LCD Display
Resolution1080 x 1920
Touch PanelP-CAP (10-points touch)
Backlight MTBF250nits / 50K hrs
ProcessorDual-Core 1.8GHz + Quad-Core 1.4GHz
System Memory4GB DDR
Power Supply120W (24V / 5A) External Power Adaptor
Storage16GB eMMC
I/O Ports
USB Port2 x External
LAN Port1 x RJ45
Video Port1 x HDMI
Audio Port1 x Headphone Jack
DC Input1 x 12V DC
Wifi802.11 b / g / n
Optional Add-on
PeripheralsThermal Printer
Code Reader
RFID(NFC) Reader (Optional)
Monocular   Camera (Optional)
Binocular Camera (Optional)
3D structured light camera(Optional)
Wall Mount250*45*255 (MM) (Sample version)
Pillar Stand (Optional)800*760*1580 (MM)
Adjustable Stand Column (Optional)455 x 40 x 2500 (3500 Max) (MM)
OS Supported
AndroidAndriod 7.1
Product (L x W x H)455 x 147 x 1038 (MM)

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